Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mumpower Continues to Challenge Lobby Groups

Originally posted July 1, 2009

Carl Mumpower is not shy about his belief that special interest groups are "kidnapping" America. The 11th District Congressional candidate does not hesitate to back his concerns with action - going so far as to challenge the Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations that would normally be guaranteed sources of support for a Republican. His lack of timidity has earned him a trip to the woodshed by WNC's Manufacturer's Executive Association.

The MEA membership covers most large manufacturers in WNC - including companies like Mills Manufacturing and Sonopress that have been targets for the City Councilman's actions against illegal immigration.

"Based on the Dr. Mumpower's comments and actions, the Executive Board of the Manufacturers Executive Association cannot justifiably support his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives," reads a statement issued by Jeff Imes, President of the MEA. "He is not conversant about the immigration issue in this country and is not really interested in engaging with area manufacturers."

According to a Brian Postelle article in the Mountain Xpress, Imes made the statement that, "Conservatives and the manufacturing community typically share a pro-business stance, especially when it comes time to campaign."

"Mumpower has left a historically safe voting bloc cold. He's completely alienated anybody who would vote for him. In an election, you usually shore up your base. I think he's eroding his traditional base." Mumpower was not impressed or intimidated by the MEA Executive's position. "I am fascinated at how many smart people so casually reveal their indifference to ethics," said Mumpower. "This gentleman is admitting that he expects his version of a conservative congressional candidate to prostitute himself for personal gain. I am glad that Mr. Imes and others with his vision are not behind me. They should certainly seek another candidate who is willing to accommodate their interests. My opponent has oney from 300 lobby groups while we have taken zero. I don't think they will have any trouble finding their man."

"Special interest groups have a way of evolving into selfish interest groups," said Mumpower. "On the issue of illegal immigration, the MEA seems to have fallen into that trap. Too many of our area manufacturers are finding ways to open their doors to illegal workers and then crying "victim" when ICE or a City Councilman on a mission knocks on the door.""If you want to have a plant in America, then hire, train, and pay Americans," said Mumpower.

"If your business model is marginal and you need the cheap wages of Mexico, then move to Mexico - don't try to bring Mexico here."

"I understand that Manufacturers are struggling against tax burdens, heavy handed regulations, and unfair trade policies practiced by the federal government," noted Mumpower. "Solutions will be found in getting off their fannies and fighting back. Using illegal immigrants as short-term solution is not the right answer."

"A real conservative puts truth, liberty, and principles before power, politics, popularity, and other considerations - including getting elected to Congress," said Mumpower. "For the past year I have had one group after the other knock on my door and seek my allegiance to their special interests. The Military Officers Association has their version of a special deal, as do the environmental lobbyists. The AARP has their wish list, and so does the Republican Party power structure, the Teacher's Association, and the Highway Patrol lobby. There is nothing wrong with these groups educating candidates on their issues. There is something terribly wrong when the goal is pushing aside the common good to get to the front of the line."

"If I have a base, it is found among people who believe there is still a 'we' in the American Dream and that there is more to our country than rigged deals for those whose primary devotion is to 'me'," said Mumpower. "I am not for sale. That's one of the marks of an authentic conservative politician - an endangered species in today's America."

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